Mosquito Control

How will I know my service request has been completed? Will I get a call back?
What is Mosquito Control doing about the mosquito-borne dengue fever?
Can I request aerial spraying?
Can I request truck-mounted spraying?
Can I submit a service request for my entire neighborhood/ community/ development?
Can I submit a service request for my local park or my child’s school?
Can you treat lakes or canals near my home?
Can you treat preserves near my home?
How do I place a Mosquito Service Request?
How soon will my service request be completed?
I do not want Broward County to perform any spraying activities near my residence. How do I get on the Registry of Persons Requiring Prior Notification of the Application of Pesticides?
I saw on the news/newspaper/newsletter that you will be conducting truck mounted spraying, but my area is not included. Will my area will be covered next?
I submitted a service request and received a notification that is was satisfied. However, I did not see any truck-mounted larviciding/adulticiding activities in my area
I submitted my service request over a week ago and I have not received notification that it has been completed. I have an event this weekend and must have my service request satisfied. What is taking so long?
I was not notified of any aerial spraying activities conducted in my area.
Is it possible to schedule a weekly service request for my area?
May I request a home inspection?
My neighbors have not been maintaining their pool and the water is green. The mosquitoes seem to be coming from there. What can I do?
What can I do to protect myself and my family from adult mosquito bites until my service request is addressed?
What can I do to remove immature mosquito habitats from my property?
What is a Mosquito Control service request?
What should I do with my pets/animals if my area is scheduled for aerial or truck-mounted spraying?
Who can I contact if I have a problem with bees?
Who can I contact if I have white flies, no-see-ums, or other insects?

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