Environmental Protection & Growth Management (EPGMD)

Are smoking vehicles illegal?
Are there restrictions on how trees and palms can be trimmed?
Can I pay the permitting fees by credit card?
Can I report odors from restaurants and residential dwellings?
Can I review files in person?
Can I submit a request in writing?
Do all trees require a tree removal permit?
Do I need a license to replace or repair my dock / seawall?
Do I need a permit for a commercial car washing operation in Broward?
Does my facility or operation require a Broward County air license or permit?
Does my private sewer project/lift station require a wastewater construction permit?
How can I participate at different events, such as Earth Day, Fairs, Career Day, Science Fairs, etc. ?
How do I check for existing licenses or permits?
How do I determine if I have wetlands on my property?
How do I dispose of medical needles?
How do I dispose prescription medications?
How do I file a required notification?
How do I file an Environmental Complaint?
How do I renew my Marine Facility Operating License (MFOL)?
How do I report a distressed or dead manatee?
How long will it take to acquire a wastewater permit/license?
I am experiencing a bad odor. Who do I complaint to about this?
I am experiencing excessive dust or black smoke/ash. Who do I call to complain about this?
I filed an application for a project or certification. How can I find out if it’s been approved?
I need air monitoring data on Ozone, Particulate Matter, etc. How can I get that?
In which cities does Broward County enforce its Tree Preservation and Abuse Ordinance?
Is a license required for surface water management?
Is a permit required to trim trees?
Is the Broward County Landfill open to residents?
My neighbor’s tree is growing on to my property. Am I allowed to trim it?
Smoking Vehicle Flyer in English, Spanish and Creole
The City building department has asked for an asbestos certificate from the County. How do I get that? What do I need to do to comply with the asbestos regulations?
The neighbor’s tree is growing on to my property. Do I have the right to trim it?
There’s a strong stench/odor coming from the landfill. How can I report this?
What are the common causes of fish kills?
What can you do if your vehicle is smoking?
What happens after I file a complaint?
What is the charge for taking waste to the Landfill?
What is the environmental crime reward policy?
What is the purpose of the Statement of Responsibilities Regarding Asbestos (SRRA)?
What items can be taken to the Landfill?
What type of environmental concerns are handled by Broward County Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department (EPGMD)?
Why did I receive a Courtesy Notice of Violation?

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